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BrightLife customer Uganda

BrightLife Products Bring Positive Changes in Safety and Health

19 Mar 2018Blog

Customers report that BrightLife products help create safer and healthier homes, according to a recent FINCA research study.


Convenience, Security and Efficiency: What Three FINCA Tanzania Customers Told Me

13 Mar 2018Blog

It’s important to carefully measure customer satisfaction and the impact of financial services, but face-to-face encounters are equally valuable.

International Women's Day 2018

Panel Debates How Financial Services Can Help Close the Gender Gap

9 Mar 2018Blog

FINCA held a panel discussion on International Women’s Day to debate the role of financial services in closing the gender gap.

agency banking drc

Rural Banking Agents Drive Women’s Financial Inclusion

8 Mar 2018Blog

A research study from FINCA indicates a network of banking agents in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is helping to expand women’s financial inclusion.

Tablet Lending Guatemala

Using Tablet Technology to Serve More Microfinance Clients

7 Mar 2018Blog

Tablets are enabling FINCA to reach and serve more low-income clients, especially women and those living in rural areas.

working women

6 Facts You Need to Know About Women Working Around the World

5 Mar 2018Blog

Women face great inequality when it comes to working. Here are six vital facts you need to know about women working around the world.

Financial Inclusion Conference Dar es Salaam

Driving Financial Inclusion Through Digital Solutions

2 Mar 2018Blog

FINCA and Mastercard Foundation convened a conference in Dar es Salaam to explore the role of digital technologies in expanding financial inclusion.

Stephanie Emond

Stéphanie Émond on Digital Financial Inclusion with CNBC Africa

1 Mar 2018Media Coverage

CNBC Africa reports on how a partnership between FINCA and Mastercard Foundation is driving financial inclusion in Africa using digital technologies.

FINCA client in Guatemala

Giving Her Children a Better Life

14 Feb 2018Blog

Marcelina Concepión Vasquez, FINCA Guatemala client, betters her family’s standard of living thanks to the power of small loans.

Honour Gift FINCA Canada

Teng Kin Khok: A Love Story

12 Feb 2018Blog

To help more hardworking women access the financial services needed to build a business, Teng Kin Khok’s daughters made an honour gift to FINCA Canada.

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