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FINCA DRC Banking Agent

Case Study: Digital Access-The Future of Financial Inclusion in Africa

30 May 2018Blog

A joint report from Mastercard Foundation and the IFC explores the impact of digital financial services Africa, highlighting the success of FINCA’s agency banking in the DR Congo and Zambia.

finca talks haiti

FINCA Talks: Celebrating Women’s Empowerment in Haiti

16 May 2018Blog

At the next FINCA Talks, Jacquie Green and Leah Miller will discuss FINCA’s efforts to increase economic equality for women in Haiti.

Mastercard Foundation Partnership Helps FINCA Take a Big Leap Forward

8 May 2018Blog

A Partnership with Mastercard Foundation has enabled FINCA to go digital and build a customer-centric organization, resulting in a big leap forward for the delivery of financial services.


Actress Lana Parrilla Teams Up with FINCA for Women’s Empowerment

2 May 2018Blog, Media Coverage

Horizon Magazine covers how actress Lana Parrilla has become an ambassador for FINCA Canada to help create empowerment and dignity for women in developing countries.


Opening a Women-Only Bank Branch in Afghanistan

1 May 2018Blog

FINCA Afghanistan recently opened a women-only bank branch to promote gender equality and catalyze women’s economic empowerment through financial inclusion.

global findex

Reaching the Unbanked: Diving into the 2017 Global Findex

27 Apr 2018Blog

The 2017 Global Findex tracks worldwide progress in financial inclusion. Scott Graham, Director of Customer Research and Field Data Services for FINCA International, shares six key takeaways.

solar light installation

The Ease of Installing a BrightLife Solar System

20 Apr 2018Blog

In just under a couple of hours, FINCA’s BrightLife staff are able to install a powerful solar home system for families in Uganda.


FINCA Tanzania Mobile Savings Product: 100,000 Savers in Three Months

16 Apr 2018Blog

In partnership with mobile network operator, Halotel, FINCA launched a first-of-its-kind savings product in Tanzania, reaching 100,000 customers in just three months.

FINCA Jordan Citi Micro-Entrepreneurship Award Winners

Citi Micro-Entrepreneurship Awards Given to FINCA Clients in Jordan

6 Apr 2018Blog

Citi Foundation honored three FINCA clients in Jordan with micro-entrepreneurship awards for their contributions to the economic development of their families and communities.

Professional Development Training

Training Facilitators of Accelerated Learning

26 Mar 2018Blog

Mastercard Foundation has partnered with FINCA to promote professional development programs for staff in Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia.

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