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Why COVID-19 in Haiti Could be Devastating

11 Apr 2020Blog

According to reports on Haiti’s readiness for COVID-19 by a FINCA staff member who visited in March, it is clear that Haiti needs our help now.


FINCA Canada’s Response to COVID-19

17 Mar 2020Blog

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is changing the world in which we live. Find out how FINCA Canada is starting to respond to the pandemic.

No Poverty by 2030? Not Without Urgent Action on the SDGs

11 Mar 2020Media Coverage

In an op-ed for Triple pundit, FINCA’s President and CEO, Rupert Scofield offers three solutions for how to achieve SDG #1, No Poverty by 2030.


How FINCA’s BrightLife Contributes to the Achievement of the SDGs

31 Jan 2020Blog

How BrightLife, the social enterprise we created, contributes to the achievement of the SDG.


FINCA’s Holiday Recipe Guide from our Clients Around the World

8 Dec 2019Blog

We developed a holiday recipe guide to bring two of our clients’ favorite dishes to you.

First Steps: How and Why Early Adopters Climb the Solar Energy Ladder

13 Oct 2019Blog

This research looks at how and why a specific segment of early adopters in Uganda used entry-level solar energy products to make their initial steps up the energy ladder.

Lighting Up Education in Rural Africa with the Solar “Lamp Library” Initiative

20 May 2019Blog

BrightLife’s Lamp Library initiative allows rural students in Uganda to use solar lanterns in school and borrow them to facilitate evening studying for off-grid households.

Empowering Women through Fintech in Pakistan

16 May 2019Blog

Partnership in FINCA Pakistan allows women beauticians to offer their services to other women and comlpete financial transactions digitally.

BrightLife Supervisor, Judith Ocendi: Remembering Each and Every Client

26 Apr 2019Blog

Meet BrightLife sales supervisor, Judith Ocendi, who oversees a team of sales agents dedicated to bringing clean energy products to poor and off-grid families in Uganda.

How Empowering Women Grow Economies

21 Apr 2019Blog

FINCA celebrates these pathbreakers who grow economies by finding success as entrepreneurs and helping other women in their community thrive.

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