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How FINCA Canada Supports Social Justice through Financial Inclusion & Technology

20 Feb 2021Blog

This World Social Justice Day, learn how FINCA Canada is supporting social justice through financial inclusion.


2021: A Year for Rebuilding Livelihoods with a Focus on Women

31 Jan 2021Blog

FINCA Canada is committed to making 2021 a year for rebuilding lives and livelihoods with a focus on women.


The Role of FinTech in Providing Light During a Time of Darkness

15 Jan 2021Blog

During a time in which the coronavirus led to trauma and dislocation, fintech has helped to provide light during a time of darkness for many.


Adieu, 2020! 5 Good Takeaways from a Pretty Bad Year

8 Jan 2021Blog

FINCA’s 5 good takeaways from a bad 2020 and how they will enhance our poverty-fighting work in 2021 and beyond.

Holiday Recipes from FINCA Canada to You

18 Dec 2020Blog

This holiday season, why not try some new holiday recipes from where FINCA works around the world? Learn the recipes now!


How FINCA Promotes Human Rights Around The World

10 Dec 2020Blog

To commemorate Human Rights Day and this year’s theme “Recover Better,” learn how FINCA promotes human rights around the world.


The Crucial Role of Microfinance within COVID-19 Recovery Efforts

22 Nov 2020Blog

The role of microfinance within COVID-19 recovery efforts is crucial to help struggling families and small businesses stay afloat.


Resilience Through a Time of Worry and Uncertainty

17 Nov 2020Blog

May Eugénie’s story remind you that there is hope all around us, even in hard times, and that you and I have the good fortune to be able to spread…


World Savings Day: How FINCA Helps People Save

12 Nov 2020Blog

World Savings Day is celebrated every year on October 31st. Learn how FINCA Canada is encouraging and facilitating savings worldwide. Read more.


Microfinance Loans for Lasting Recovery—Now Needed More Than Ever!

1 Nov 2020Blog

Despite the negative impact of COVID-19 on microfinance institutions, loans to the poor can play a critical role in the long-term recovery efforts.

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