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Research Shows Women Are Less Likely To Find the Right Financial Product

9 Jul 2021Blog

Gender differences between men and women when accessing financial products is a clear indicator for the ever-growing need to create programs that target financial involvement amongst women.


Vaccines Are Here, But What About There?

29 Jun 2021Blog

The disparity in COVID-19 vaccine access around the world means we must continue to be vigilant and creative in serving our customers.


The Urgent Need for Women’s Economic Recovery

22 Jun 2021Blog

COVID-19 has aggravated glaring inequalities in our economic, healthcare, and education systems. There is an urgent need for women’s economic recovery in order to build back better.


Shining the Spotlight on FINCA Haiti: How the Haitian Nation Ignites a Fire for Change

12 Jun 2021Blog

FINCA Canada is helping Haitians create their own sources of income, and build better lives through financial inclusion and innovations focused on empowering women.


The Future of Successful Research and Data

29 May 2021Blog

The world’s research and data is being transformed by big data. Director of Research at FINCA International, Anahit Tevosyan, shares her opinion on where the field is headed.


Shining the Spotlight on FINCA DRC: The Importance of Creating Jobs and Building Assets

23 May 2021Blog

FINCA Canada is helping Congolese people to build better lives through financial inclusion and innovations with a focus on marginalized women.


Explaining Microfinancing, Microloans, Microcredit and Microlending

25 Apr 2021Blog

Though similar, the definition of microcredit, microfinancing, microloans and microlending have subtle but important differences and they all play a role in poverty alleviation.


FINCA Canada Making a Difference in People’s Lives Through Small Impacts

11 Apr 2021Blog

FINCA Canada reflects on how small impacts through microfinancing create effective ways for communities to overcome adversity and how others can support this Microvolunteering Day.


FINCA Canada’s Linda Bryson Discusses the OppHERtunity Campaign, With Bruce Sellery at Moolala

2 Apr 2021Blog

FINCA Canada’s deputy Director, Linda Bryson, talks with Bruce Sellery from Moolala about the OppHERtunity Campaign, built to support women in developing nations.


Panel Discussion: Investing in Women Yields Dividends

21 Mar 2021Blog

To celebrate International Women’s Day, FINCA pulled a panel of experts together to talk about how investing in women yields dividends.


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