How it works

  • With a $5,000 donation, you can capitalize a Village Bank in one of these countries where access to loan capital is especially constrained
  • Once FINCA receives your donation, we’ll send it to the country you’ve chosen.
  • Local FINCA staff will deliver the loan capital to your Village Bank.
  • Within eight weeks, we’ll send details about the Village Bank you’ve supported, including a picture of the members, a brief profile of their businesses and a loan disbursement statement.
  • Ten months after we receive your gift, we’ll send an update on your Village Bank, profiling testimonials of members and a report about the country where the bank is located.

How your donation keeps on working

  • Even after the members of your Village Bank repay the loan, your donation keeps on working; it becomes part of the larger pool of local loan capital available to other local clients.
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