Your gift of stock or other securities can help struggling entrepreneurs succeed and provide tax benefits for you.

Multiply the impact of your donation

  • Your gift provides loan capital that rotates through the FINCA system as many as three times each year, benefiting multiple deserving clients.
  • Because it stays within the system as FINCA loan capital, over time, it will reach many more hardworking entrepreneurs.

Realize important tax benefits (please consult a tax professional)

  • By giving appreciated stock, you may avoid long-term capital gains tax.
  • If you itemize deductions on your federal tax return, you may be able to deduct your gift’s value from your adjusted gross income.
  • Some states also allow tax credits or deductions for gifts of stock.

To make a stock gift today

Your broker can electronically wire shares to our account using FINCA’s account number DC 3279-0501 and DTC number 0164 at Charles Schwab & Co. But please note that securities are transferred into our accounts anonymously. To ensure we can accurately credit you for your gift, you or your broker should contact Jane Imai at  855 903 4622 or to verify the number of shares and the name of the security being transferred.


For More Information Contact:
Jane Imai
855 903 4622
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