Growing our Reach in the DR Congo

10 Apr 2017

In just six years, FINCA’s agent network in the DR Congo has grown to over 1,000 banking agents, helping more unbanked populations access funds easily with just the use of their fingertips.

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Can We Close the Gender Gap?

10 Mar 2017

On March 6, over 150 people gathered at FINCA’s headquarters in Washington, DC to discuss an important question. Is financial technology the key to closing the gender gap?

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A Mobile Money Milestone

01 Mar 2017

In Carrefour, one of the poorest regions of Haiti, a group of FINCA clients is excited about what their mobile phones can now do. The Eagle Village Bank group is the first set of FINCA clients to ever receive a loan via their mobile phones. The group received a USD 1,955 loan in early February 2017.

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Ecuador Branch Reopens

15 Feb 2017

Last year, a devastating earthquake hit Ecuador, destroying over 800 buildings and impacting thousands of lives. There were significant damages to the Portoviejo FINCA branch, causing its closure. Thankfully, the branch has been restored and is now open for business again to our clients.

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Against All Odds

01 Feb 2017

If there is anything that Benita, Julia and Norah know it is that life is never easy, especially for women. Though their dreams were modest – to provide for their children – their obstacles were huge. With the help of FINCA loans, however, these three women not only beat the odds but built thriving businesses that supported their families and their communities.

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2016 FINCA Canada Progress Report

05 Jan 2017

In nearly two dozen countries around the world, your generosity in 2016 has touched the lives of millions of women, men and children.

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Thank you for standing with us

21 Dec 2016

I hope you share my pride in what we have accomplished together and my excitement for what the future holds. Thank you for having the wisdom to believe that providing a hand up is more powerful than a handout.

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Stephanie Emond with FINCA clients in Central America

An Award for FINCA Kyrgyzstan

18 Nov 2016

Mobile phones are for more than just talking on the phone. In fact, FINCA is expanding access to financial services, especially for rural low-income women and men, through mobile phones. This enables our clients to save time and make secure transactions from virtually anywhere.

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Three Women to Honour this International Day of Rural Women

21 Oct 2016

Over a quarter of the world’s population are rural women, yet many do not have access to loans to grow their farms. These female farmers are finding success with FINCA loans.

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FINCA Afghanistan client

How FINCA Brightens Lives

23 Sep 2016

For over 30 years, together with your support, FINCA has helped millions build businesses and earn incomes to improve their lives. But we know that poverty isn’t just about money. With increased profits, our clients are able to better invest

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