800 Tortillas and Counting

FINCA Nicaragua


For 36 years, Doña Julia has made homemade tortillas in Jinotepe, Nicaragua, a tradition passed down from her mother. Today, her popular tortillas are the lifeline for her, her daughter Isabel, and her granddaughters.

Every day, Julia works with Isabel over a large fire pit in a small wooden stall on the side of her home, making and selling 800 tortillas. When she started her business in her home, Julia was able to produce 200 tortillas daily. Today, with the help of FINCA loans, she has moved her business outside of her home and is able to sell every piece of the 800 tortillas she makes daily.

With the proceeds, Julia and Isabel have been able to improve their home and put their children through school, securing them a better future.

“I now own things. My daughter owns things,” Julia proudly says. “It’s FINCA that made it possible.”


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